GSA Leadership Award

This award was established by the Graduate Students’ Association (GSA) of the University of Calgary (UCalgary) in recognition of graduate students who have demonstrated outstanding leadership in the UCalgary graduate student community, and whose work has impacted the UCalgary graduate student body. Applicant must be more than 18 months into their graduate degree *at the University of Calgary. *Please review the Terms of Reference BEFORE applying.
Value: One (1) $5,000 CDN award

Intake period: February 13 – February 24, 2023

Supplemental Questions
  1. Please submit your admission letter from the University of Calgary that includes the program start date.
  2. Please submit your most recent University of Calgary transcript - A recent unofficial transcript (less than a month old from the date of application) is acceptable. Please submit transcript as a PDF
  3. Please submit your CV highlighting leadership and volunteer contributions, with emphasis on the activities since the start of program.
  4. Personal Statement (800 words) - Please submit a personal statement (maximum of 800 words, single-spaced typewritten pages) as described, and include the following: 1. Leadership and citizenship contributions to the University of Calgary community and graduate students. All leadership and citizenship contributions from the start of the student’s degree can be included. Applicant must be more than 18 months into their first graduate degree at the University of Calgary. 2. Impact the applicants’ leadership works has had on personal growth, graduate students, and the University community; and 3. Reasons you feel you deserve this award
  5. Reference Letter 1 (max 2 pages) - Please provide the name and email address of a person (not a relative) who can serve as a reference for you (examples: professor, supervisor, counselor, coach, mentor, spiritual leader, administrator).
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